Welcome to the Wasteland.

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Welcome to the Wasteland.

Post  Rubber Duck. on Sat Mar 02, 2013 7:00 pm

{Okay so if your interested in joining just hop in! No signing up and all that mess.}

Alex checked the area once more through the scope of her sniper rifle, her hazel eyes slowly traveleing over the darkening terrain of the Mojave. She did this every afternoon before settling down for the night to sleep and eat you never knew when a raider or something was tracking you just waiting for you to set down your weapon and attack. After a full 360 degree turn she visibly relaxed and sat down, she had been tense all day constanly on the move and checking over her shoulders for anything that would want her supplies. She would have preferred to make a fire for warmth, the dessert grew colder at night, but that would attract other travelers that could be friendly or dangerous either way she wasn't going to risk her life for a little warmth.

She pulled out her last can of food scowling slightly she could go one more day without food but the howling of her stomach told her otherwise demanding that she open the can and scarf down the green beans within. Without much hesitation she pulled the rusty can opener from her small black backpack and hooked it on the side and turning the handle to open the can. These were the moments when she missed the old days, when she could just walk to the kitchen and have a machine do the work instead of doing it herself.

She grimaced in slight pain when she had been lifting out the metal top a sharp corner cut her finger, causing scarlet blood to begin pouring from her thumb but the stinging in her thumb was nothing compared to what the predators in the shadows could deliver. "What ever happened to man being on the top of the food chain?" she thought bitterly as she ripped the bottom hem of her shorts and wrapped her thumb in attempt to stop the bleeding. She looked around warily for any movement, the beast out here had the senses of a shark they could smell blood from a mile away, or she liked to think so she would be more careful with getting injured.

She watched her thumb for a moment making sure it wasn't going to bleed through the blue denim she had torn, seeing that it wasn't she began scooping out the green beans with her other hand and popping them into her mouth. She knew it wasn't a pretty sight but with radiation from the bombs coating most places she was afraid to handle anything of silver, she didn't know why it was just a feeling she had. She continued this and thought back to how this had all began, how she had locked herself in the underground basement of her home and waited for the bombs to drop and things to settle.

She thought back further to how this all began, basically it was what everyone expected. Nuclear war. Our enimies finally was able to get a bomb over the ocean and into the untited states and they didn't bother to hesitate on bombing us. Nuclear bombs filled with radiation and explosive hit sevarl places first D.C, then Las vegas, New york, and Texas it slowly spread ove the years mutating animals creating new creatures and killing most or turning them into zombie like creatures known as ghouls that now reside in the subway tunnels. But not all humans became feral, some ghouls are still people they can talk and function like a normal human but their skin is falling apart, hair mangy, and voice gravely. They tend to stay in colonies away from the cities that what remains of humanity have built, speaking of cities she was on her way towards one of those establishment now, one they call Megaton.

A place were giant walls surround the place keeping friendlies in and enemies out, she had finished her beans and threw the can into the darkness and rolled into her sleeping bag. With one last thought of her soon and hopefully to be home she fell asleep with the feeling of being watched but she was to far gone into her dream world to check it out.

{Okay so this is kinda like an end of the world type thing I based it off of the Fallout game series. But it's okay if you've never played the game just think end of the world^^}
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